Woodpecker DTE Dental Ultra Sonic Scaler (U6 Optic)

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  • Scaler with enhanced endo functions, different tips can be used for root canal orifice locating, broken file removal, endo irrigation, implant maintenance.
  • Smart touch system allows easy operation & increases efficiency in the scaling
  • Aluminum alloy handpiece with latest sealing technique, which can be easily detachable & autoclavable to maintain proper hygiene in the dental clinic
  • Microcomputer controlled for stable performance of the scaler & automatic frequency tracking for removal of the hard calculus from the tooth surface. The scaler always provides the best power to the tip irrespective of the hardness of the calculus for effective scaling.
  • Sine wave drive technology avoids stimulation during scaling and provides extra comfort to the patient, mainly patients with dentinal hypersensitivity.
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Woodpecker U6 scaler to improve your skills with its multiple functionalities. This is a modern scaler with an improved patient comfort level and enhanced endo functions. This piezo scaler is used to remove plaque, calculus, tartar from the Supragingival as well as subgingival areas.

  • Simple compact design with easy installation in the dental unit.
  • A smart ultrasensitive touch system with a waterproof design makes it easy to use.
  • Microcomputer control to provide stable performance to the handpiece with no heat buildup.
  • Automatic frequency tracking and auto gain control to execute actual-time monitoring & corresponding vibration output make the device more efficient to remove hard calculus from the tooth surface without any difficulty.
  • Intelligent degenerative system to boost clinical performance.
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