NSK Dyna LED Mini/Standard Head Handpiece

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NSK Dyna LED Air Rotor handpiece, manufactured with excellent performance and enduring reliability as a result of NSK Micro-precision Engineering. This revolutionary Dyna LED turbine provides a versatile integrated mini power generator that, when connected to any regular non-optic air tubing, provides long-life, day-light quality LED lighting. Dental Professionals will immediately be benefitted from LED lighting on their dental equipment at the expense of the turbine. As a high priority for longevity and strength, NSK has preferred stainless steel material for its body. To achieve long-term efficacy and robustness, NSK has implemented the latest technology and material.

  • Enhanced Visibility & Proper Accessibility to the Operating Site.
  • The source of LED light is considerably more robust than Quartz providing Day-Light type of Illumination.
  • NSK Dyna LED Handpiece provides excellent light intensity.
  • For extremely effective LED illumination, the micropower generator DYNAMO is electronically measured to generate the appropriate energy source.
Vendor : Unicorn
  • Clean Head System: It is a unique safety mechanism that prevents saliva, blood and other oral fluids from going inside the handpiece head automatically, also makes the bearings durable.
  • Integrated Shaft Bearing: Smooth and noiseless dental procedures with greater cutting efficiency.
  • Ceramic Bearings: Fewer vibrations, smooth operation, and no heat generation.
  • Quattro Water Spray: The more cooling effect that minimizes the tissue necrosis

Technical Specifications

Type Standard/Mini Head
Power 16W
Speed 3,30,000 – 4,30,000 rpm
Holes 2 holes (One for Water & One for Air)
Head Size Ø12.1 x H13.3 mm
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Manufacturer NSK
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