Gnatus S 500 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit

  • Base & Motor: Dual Bosch motors, from Germany for the smoothest and jerk-free movements, leveling up your treating experience. Its FACE-LIFT feature i.e. anti-skid rubberized base covered by ABS engineering plastic provides stability and firmness to the dental chair.
  • Anti- Crushing System provides the surety of safety of the objects by preventing damage or breakage to the object placed on the base during downward movement of the chair. It has microprocessor-controlled movements for all chair operations ensuring precision in each procedure. 
  • Foot Control: An Integrated foot control on the base for aseptic hands-free operations like programs, light control, emergency switch, Chair movements, etc. It also comes with a Traditional pressing type of foot control with Chip Air & Chip Water system for a stress-free working comfortability for the dental professionals and it can replace the use of a 3-way syringe. Another emergency feature of the chair is the emergency switch, which will stop all the movements once pressed thereby avoiding potential harm and risks.
  • Upholstery: is stitched Soft Sofa type leather with memory foam that provides optimum comfort to the patient for long dental procedures and support to the patient’s spinal curvature. 
  • Easy Fix System for effortless cleaning of the dental chair.
  • Double Articulated Headrest for Handicapped and paedo patients. It has an excellent feature of “Automatic Right Arm” to save time for the dentist and increased patient comfort i.e. on pressing of zero position, the right arm automatically moves down for the patient’s exit.
  • 5 years warranty
Vendor : Unicorn
Special Price ₹509,000.00 Regular Price ₹550,000.00
  • Assistant Arm: is movable that is equipped with low vac suction, high vac suction, and a 3-way syringe, also dedicated switches for Chair up & down movement and backrest toe and movement. 
  • Water Unit: Water unit is equipped with an easily removable spittoon for hygiene maintenance and a 90-degree movable spittoon to provide extra comfort to the patient, with no need for self-adjustment during chair movement. It has an advanced proximity sensor that automatically controls the spittoon water when the patient moves forward to spit. Electrical activation for tumbler filling allows for easy control of water flow as per the capacity of the tumbler placed. Being equipped with a biosystem for cleaning the tubing with liquid bactericide, the Gnatus dental chair is most suited for your hygiene and patient safety considerations. Additionally, hygiene maintenance helps in increasing the shelf life of the tubing material.
  • Delivery Unit: An overhead-type delivery unit with a pneumatic locking arm to prevent any displacement of the unit during dental treatment and prevent spilling of materials. Its lockable delivery arms for the handpiece reduce the extra stress on the hand of the dentist and prevent hand fatigue. An autoclavable and removable silicon pad, where handpieces rest to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. “Made in USA” tubings protect the internal wiring and increase the shelf life. Equipped with 4 customized and 3 prefixed chair programs including Zero position, Spitting position and Last Working Position provides flexible operations to the dental professionals. Also has an option for an inbuilt scaler. For rust protection, the arms of the dental chair are painted with chemically treated “DuPont” Paint that makes the chair rust-proof and highly durable. 
  • Dental light: Proximity sensor-based Phillips 5LED dental light provides daylight-type visibility for the dentist to clearly see the oral cavity. Also, it has 360 degrees movable and autoclavable handle and a light control switch on the foot control for aseptic dental operations. 


  • Technical Specifications:
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 6.5 * 4.5 ft
  • LED Light Intensity: 15,000 -35000 Lux
  • Foot Control: Integrated JOYSTICK in the foot control for easy operation & Chair movement controls
  • Operational Instructions for S500 H Dental Chair:
  • The dental chair is installed as per the site planning by the service engineer with all the connections including electricity, drainage, water inlet, and the air inlet.
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Manufacturer Gnatus
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Ratings & Reviews

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