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Gnatus Air Compressors from Brazil are ergonomically designed devices for continuous operations. It offers medical grade hygienic air to the dental unit, increasing the efficiency of your dental practice. Gnatus, the most trusted brand of dental equipment, has oil free dental compressors that prevent any compound from infiltrating into the tank and prevent the patient from being exposed to any pathogens. Compressed air must be hygienic in order to have quality dental care. Gnatus powerful & versatile compressor offers medical-grade air that enhances the efficiency of your dental care.

  • Extreme dry air for hygienic dental treatment from an oil-free compressor
  • Super- the silent feature enhances the comfort of the dentist and patient.
  • The tank’s anti-bacterial inner coating renders it rust-free and the air free of pathogens inside the tank.
  • Safety switch to avoid overload inside the tank or overpressure, prevents blasting of the tank when not in use.
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Key Features

  • An anti-thermal switch or thermal protector prevents the tank from the occurrence of overheating.
  • To build the air dryer, the air regulator moisture filter enhances the life of the valves and tubings within the chair.
  • Single head with double piston for the faster filling of the tank.

Available Models

  • Bio Qualy Air 40L
  • Bio Qualy Air 65L

Technical Specifications:

  1. BioQualy Air 40 L:   1100W(Power)     212(L/min)      65(db/A)       6-8(bar)       38(ltr)      400 x 695 x 400
  2. BioQualy Air 65 L:   2200W(Power)     424(L/min)      71(db/A)       6-8(bar)       65(ltr)      510 x 765 x 510

Gnatus Dental Air Compressor Instructions

The air compressor is installed in a dental clinic during clinic set up and attached to the dental chair with a pipe. Then plug in the device for the air to be filled inside the tank through the piston. And then the types of equipment like air rotor, air motor or 3-way syringe can be used.

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