Flashforge COLOR CHANGE 3D Printer Filament (Yellow, 1.75mm)

Color changing filament series remains PLA original performance, that is non-toxic,environment-friendly, excellent printing performance,etc. After the sun or ultraviolet’s radiation, Absorb the sunlight/uv energy , then produce color change,When losing the radiation of sun / ultraviolet ,it’ll back to the original color.

  • Products can be divided into two specifications according to line diameter, wire range of 1.75mm.
  • Specification: 1.70-1.80mm, wire range of 3.00mm specification:2.90-3.00mm.
  • Printing temp range recommended: 190-230.
  • Print speed: 60-90mm/s.
  • Build plate temp: non-required.
  • Printing raft: non-required.
Vendor : Unicorn
Special Price ₹2,200.00 Regular Price ₹2,500.00


  • Adopt PLA as raw material, possess all advantages of PLA.
  • Color changes as temp changes, when temp goes up over 33, lines turn yellow.When temp. goes down below 33, lines turn orange. Color turns lighter as temp is higher.


  • Print some colorful crafts and decorations.
  • Print models that indicate environmental temperature change.
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Ratings & Reviews

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