Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 3 Ltr for Dental, Surgical, Jewellery & Multipurpose Use

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  • 3 color LED display with Digital solution usage Timer, stainless steel inner tank with ceramic heater and cooling fan.
  • 1-30 mins time setting for multiple purposes with the Industrial-Grade Ultrasonic Transducer.
  • 5 temperature setting options with multiple circuit protectors.
  • Independent power switch and detachable power cord, convenient to use. Solution usage timer.
  • Tank material stainless steel SUS304
  • Degas feature – that accelerates the removal of gas contained in cleaning solutions by introducing short breaks in the ultrasonic operating cycle which allows gas bubbles to rise to the surface and burst.
Vendor : Unicorn
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  • Heading Dimension
    Tank capacity 3 Liter
    Display 3 color LED display
    Timer 1 to 30- minute full range timer
    Settings 5 temperature settings
    Frequency Frequency 35,000 Hz
    Tank Size Tank Size 25 x 17.4 x 7.8 cm and Weight 5.1 Kg
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    Manufacturer Unicorn Denmart
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